Know Reference (Receipt) Number NBI: How to Recover NBI ID?

When deal with NBI, the reference number that referred to as the receipt number has great importance. This number is unique to each individual who applies for an NBI clearance, acting as a tracking ID for the processing of your application. It is use for verifying the status of your application and for retrieving your clearance if you ever lose it.

Upon completion of the initial part of your online application, its allocated for future transactions with the NBI.

How to know Your NBI Reference Number?

Your NBI reference number is write on the official receipt issued after you pay the clearance fee at any accredite branch or through online payment gateways. It’s important to keep this receiving safe as it not only facilitates future retrieval but also serves as proof.

In case, one register online, the reference number is also send to your email. Ensure that you save this email or write down the number and store it in a secure place.

Steps to Recover Your NBI ID:

Losing your NBI ID can be stressful, but the process of recovering it is used if you have your reference number. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by accessing the NBI platform which is design to assist in various transactions, including ID recovery.
  2. Enter your registered email address and password to get access into your account. Once achieve this, go to the transaction section where your previous applications and their statuses are list.
  3. In the transaction details, you will be ask to enter your reference number. This step can cause difficulty as it verifies your identity and the authenticity of your request.
  4. Here is a turning point is that the Reference number is writing on it that you ask to enter in new pop up window for the print purpose.

So, if forget the NBI ID or Receipt number then before giving command of print, copy it and then continue further.

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It’s more secure to take your reference number protected. And for this, it’s sensible to have multiple backups, such as writing it down in a personal diary and saving it in your email. Losing your NBI ID can cause problems, but recovering it is manageable with the right stats. Hope so, you will consider these things in the future.

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