NBI Authorization Letter to Claim, Sample

Sometimes a situation arises when the applicant is unable to come himself. To handle this, NBI authorization letter is a official document giving permission to another person to collect the NBI clearance in spite of applicant. It must include specific details to assure its validity and prevent any misuse or fraud. Taking a clear and precise authorization letter is compulsory for further development without any complications.

Major Components of an NBI Authorization Letter:

The authorization letter should include these main components to show that it is effective. Whenever anyone goes for this, it’s better for them to review it.

Date: The letter should state the date when it was written. Apparently, it’s an ordinary point, but it is strictly instructed to consider.

Recipient Information: Include the name and address of the entity or individual to whom the letter is addressed.

Subject Line: This should clearly state the purpose of the letter.

Salutation: As the recipient’s name is known, address them directly. Any confusion may raise issues in the process.

Body of the Letter:

  • Introduction: Briefly state the purpose of the letter.
  • Authority Granted: Clearly mention the name of the person authorized and the specific task given.
  • Duration: Specify the validity period of the authorization.
  • Reason for Authorization: While not mandatory, providing a reason can enhance the understanding of the necessity for authorization.

Closure: End with a statement that invites the recipient to contact you if further information is needed.

Signature: Include a handwritten signature followed by your printed name and contact information. This is the final thing to do.


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Writing Tips for an Effective Letter

Clarity and Conciseness: Use simple language and keep the letter as brief as possible while including all necessary information.

Formal Tone: Maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter.

Proofreading: Check for any grammatical errors or typos to ensure the letter is professionally presented. There is not a fixed format for it, but it is better to present a proper letter.

As already state that an NBI authorization letter to claim is a formal paper that allows someone else to handle the processing of your clearance. By these instructions and using the sample as a template, you can get your authorization letter is effective and meets all the required criteria. In addition, try to have letter concise, clear, and professional for better impression.

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